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Citric Acid CAS 77-92-9 is available in bulk and small packaging in various grades.  Please contact us or fill out the form below.

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Citric Acid CAS 77-92-9

Citric Acid is a weak organic acid that has many uses as an acidifier, chelating agent as well as a flavoring agent.  It is one of the most common preservatives used as in soft drinks and candies.  RightPath Industries offers bulk citric acid as well as small package citric acid in various grades such as USP grade citric acid and technical grade citric acid.  For pricing please fill out the below form or contact us.


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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid
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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid
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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid
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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Citric Acid
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Citric acid is a common acid that plays a part in the metabolic cycle of most living creatures, and as its name suggests, is found in high concentrations in citrus fruits. It was first isolated by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1784, produced by crystallization from lemon juice. Lemons and limes are the citrus fruits with the highest content of naturally occurring citric acid.

Prior to 1784, the juice of lemons and limes was known to be acidic, and it may have first been discovered as far back as the 8th century during experiments by the alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan.

It is a natural food preservative and was manufactured from 1890 as a product of the Italian citrus fruit industry. Three years later, it was discovered that citric acid could be produced from sugar with the use of penicillium mold.

World War 1 caused problems for Italian exports, and it was during this period that the use of sugar and penicillium to produce citric acid became more important.

RightPath Industries operating as a citric acid distributor knows that there are many applications for citric acid, including as a flavor enhancer to many foods. Citric acid is considered entirely safe to use in food products as the human body is easily able to metabolize and eliminate it. This makes it useful in supplements that include minerals to make the minerals more easily available to the body.

Drinks and candy often include citric acid as an ingredient, as do frozen foods, jellies, canned foods, and meat products.

Other uses include as an ingredient of cleaning products that are environmentally safe, and it can chelate metals to make hard water more suitable for the production of foam. Citric acid can also clean water softening equipment by binding to and removing metal ions that reduce the effectiveness of the equipment in the long term.

Citric acid can regulate the pH in pharmaceuticals and is often used by the industry in place of nitric acid for creating a pure environment within metal pipes. Unlike nitric acid, there are no issues with disposing of citric acid as it is not a hazardous substance.

RightPath Industries is a citric acid distributor you can trust, capable of citric acid in any quantity for any industry, you’ll find our attention to detail and customer service second to none. We package and transport citric acid safely, and we are the citric acid distributor that will go above and beyond every time you order.

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