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Sorbic Acid CAS 110-44-1is available in various grades, technical, NF and USP as well as various packaging configurations from small package to bulk.  For pricing or questions please contact us or fill out the below form.

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Sorbic Acid is offered by RightPath industries in bulk as well as small packaging.  We currently offer Food grade, technical grade a well as USP grade Sorbic Acid. Sorbic acid is often used in processing of foods as it is en excellent preservative to deter the growth of mold, fungi and yeast.  It can also be used as an intermediate in the manufacturing of plasticizers as well as rubber. It is commonly sold in 25kg bags as well as supersacs.  We are also able to offer custom configurations of sorbic acid.  For pricing please fill out the form below


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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid
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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid
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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid
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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid

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Acetate-256x160 Sorbic Acid
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In 1859, sorbic acid was produced by AW von Hofmann. He distilled rowanberry oil to create parasorbic acid, which was then converted to sorbic acid by the process of hydrolysis. It was not until around 80 years later that some of the major properties of sorbic acid were discovered – it is antimicrobial and can be of great use within the food industry but didn’t make an impact for another 4 decades.

By the late 1940s, sorbic acid had become commercially available from sorbic acid distributors, but the 1980s were the true turning point for the popularity of the chemical. Until that time, nitrites had been liberally used within meat products to act as preservatives and to inhibit the growth of Clostridium botulinum, the cause of botulism.

Botulism is a very serious illness that can cause paralysis and even death, so finding a way to inhibit the growth of Clostridium botulinum is a priority.

Nitrites were known to have carcinogenic properties, whereas sorbic acid had no such side effect – the only side effect noted by the USDA is that some people may be mildly allergic to it. Sorbic acid was approved as a food additive and assigned one of several E numbers for its different forms (E200 being sorbic acid itself, with E201-203 being sodium, potassium, and calcium sorbate respectively).

The sorbic acid compounds are now used extensively in food and beverage products including wine, cheese, fresh produce, baked goods including bread, refrigerated meat, and multiple canned products. It is antimicrobial and antifungal, making it ideal for keeping food safe, and is also used in the production process of many drugs.

Sorbic acid may be added to food products after they have been created to prevent the growth of mold or fungus. For example, cheese may be produced in the traditional manner with sorbic acid added after it has matured, rather than during the maturation process.

Any sorbic acid distributor will be able to tell you that food or other items for human consumption is not the only use for sorbic acid. It is often used as an additive in cold rubber and may also be used during the manufacturing process of certain plasticizers and lubricants.

Cosmetics can be manufactured to contain sorbic acid with the purpose of extending their lifespan.

We are a sorbic acid distributor capable of providing all the sorbic acid required for any task at hand. Our sorbic acid is packaged and transported safely, making us the sorbic acid distributor to choose when you want a reliable source of chemical products.



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