Toluene CAS 108-88-3 RightPath Industries offers Toluene in bulk and small packaging.  We currently offer all grades of toluene.  Please feel free to contact us today with your request

Product Description

Toluene CAS 108-88-3

Toluene used as a solvent that is present in paint thinners, nail polish remover, glues, and correction fluid. Toluene has many uses in different industries. In the explosives industry, it is essential in making the flammable, explosive compound known as TNT or trinitrotoluene.  Toluene is also a solvent used in the laboratory industry for various analytic tests.

We currently offer various grades and packaging configurations such as production, ACS, HPLC and Distilled in glass grade.

Available in

  • Small Pack
  • 20L Pails
  • Drums
  • Tank Truck
  • Rail Car
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