Hydrobromic Acid 48%

Hydrobromic Acid 48% CAS 10035-10-6  Is available in drums, bulk and isotainers  for pricing please contact us or fill out the below form.

Product Description

Hydrobromic Acid 48% CAS: 10035-10-6

Applications of hydrobromic acid 48% are synthesis of alkyl bromides from alcohols, hydrobromination of olefins, catalyst in oxidation of aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons to ketones, peroxides and acids such as terephthalic acid Synthesis of inorganic bromides, Metal cleaning compounds and  soldering fluxes.  Otherwise known as HBR is also useful for creation or organobromines used in synthesis reactions.  We currently carry HBR in drums as well as bulk packaging and isotainers for specific applications.

Available in

  • Drums
  • Tank Truck
  • Rail Car
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