Dibromomethane CAS 74-95-3  We offer DBM in both drums and in bulk.  For pricing and more information please feel free to contact us or fill out the form below.

Product Description

Dibromomethane CAS: 74-95-3

Applications Organic synthesis Agrichemical intermediate Biocide intermediate. Dibromomethane otherwise known as DBM in short form or methylne bromide is a common solvent used in the sink float testing in coal analysis laboratories.  DBM is slo  used as solvent in organic synthesis. It acts as an intermediate in the manufacture of specialty chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. It is useful as extractant and utilized for the determination of 5-nitroimidazoles (5-NDZ) in environmental waters. It is involved in the convertion of catechols to their methylenedioxy derivatives.  We currently offer DBM at some of the best costs in the United States and keep stock in one of our three warehouses.  You can order DBM directly online here, or you may request a quote for customized pricing filling out the below form.

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  • Drums
  • Tank Trucks
  • Rail Car
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