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We here at RightPath Industries would like to think of us as synonymous with high purity solvents. We have recently updated our website and even created a separate secure online store for ordering all of your high purity solvents.  You can now order all of your high purity solvents through highpuritysolvent.com which is part of RightPath Industries.  You can also request custom pricing by simply contacting us.  We often have sales on our website so it is advisable to check often or contact us if we do not offer something that you might be looking for.  All of our chemicals can be drop ins and direct replacements for other brand name products that you are simply paying too much money for.  We believe in building long standing business relationships with our customers and pricing products too high is not one of our goals however saving you time and money is.  By working with RightPath industries for you high purity solvent needs you can not only save just time by ordering many of your items in one place with RightPath Analytical and our high purity solvents but you can also save money.  Our pricing is far below in the industry averages and we specifically cater to smaller to medium size laboratories.  Please feel free to give us a call and see how we can save you money not only today but far into the future as well.

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RightPath Industries High Purity Solvents

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Are you using the right high purity products and high purity solvents for your analytical lab?

Are you using the right high purity products and high purity solvents for your analytical lab?In the world of high purity solvents there are some obvious choices when using solvents according to what method you are using.  With recent rule and regulations moving towards changing in regards to USP methods 231 and 232 RightPath Industries is already suited to supply you with USP grade solvents and chemicals that already meet this testing specification. Please feel free to give us a call 888-255-2401 or contact us on how we can supply you with the solvents you will need for these methods today!




For more information regarding USP Methods 231 and 232 feel free to click the link below which will take you directly to the USP.org website


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